Give a Christmas tree in November! Why you should be decorating the house early

If you think that the preparation for the New year should begin closer to December 30, we have an argument why you should put the Christmas tree up early: it can make you happier. And since you can’t be maximally happy — worth a listen!

Вита Зорина

Vita Zorina


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Vita Zorina
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Даешь елку в ноябре! Почему стоит заняться украшением дома пораньше

“In our world full of stress and anxiety, people like to see around you that brings them back to happy moments of childhood. Holiday decorations is a anchor for pleasant emotions, and the sooner you prepare, the better will be the expectation of the holiday”, — said the British psychoanalyst Steve McCoy.

“Slight nostalgia for the past helps to better understand yourself, to reconnect with childhood,” — says psychotherapist Amy Morin.

Another plus jewelry — the opportunity to meet the neighbors. Of course, it is more relevant advice for living in their homes, but who prohibits to put the Christmas tree and hang the garland in your entryway? If you do it on a weeknight, there’s a chance to meet half the people (including that cute guy from the third floor).

Of particular importance pre-holiday training is for those who have lost a loved one. This is an opportunity to recall the joyful moments of the past, just to feel the warmth of the hands of a loved one, with whom you chose that Christmas ball…

So before you condemn those who put the Christmas tree right after Halloween, think maybe a little pre-Christmas magic (even if not believe) will be useful for you?