Next year to study medical case in Pyatigorsk MFI will be at the expense of the budget

In the next academic year, Pyatigorsk medical and pharmaceutical Institute, branch Volga, was first to take students on 20 budgetary places for specialty “medical business”. To teach in this area on a commercial basis, the University began this year. However, next year young people will be able to receive education due to the budget.

“In accordance with the existing regulatory documents, as well as focusing on the Federal state educational standard (fgos), teaching the existing curriculum is implemented by teachers who have an education corresponding to the profile of the discipline, – told the portal Director of PMPI Vsevolod, Ageenko. Is experienced highly qualified personnel. On a number of subjects which are provided at the undergraduate level, will attract professionals from among the health workers of Pyatigorsk and Volgograd, where is our corporate University, as well as other regions of Russia. The emergence of new clinical disciplines in the senior years will also require the creation of new specialized courses and departments”.

In 2018, the entrants in PMFI will be able to claim a 250 budget places on the specialty of higher education, “pharmacy”, 20 seats – “medical business”, 15 places, “medical biochemistry” and 10 places – “dentistry”. Training of other specialties and the medical College of the Institute is conducted on a paid basis.