In forty years the life only begins

When the hero Vladimir Basov of the Oscar-winning “Moscow does not believe in tears” was uttered became winged words: “Believe me, in forty years the life only begins,” many of us, then still students, perceived that, to put it mildly, skeptical. We all thought that in forty years we need to have some remarkable abilities just to stand up. What kind of life. However, coming to this point, we suddenly realize that “officer of the Central Board” was right. Life is just beginning. However, this life will not be without some difficulties.

First, many have a question: so, I’m forty. Half of life behind. The most active, apparently, half. And what did I do? If I had a house, tree and son? And then there’s TV screens and monitors broadcasts – say, if a man at forty is any good, then most likely, no longer be. This exacerbates the already difficult psychological situation and can lead to prolonged depression. Some men at this time start to desperately cling to youth, EN masse, to leave the family to marry at the same age of their daughters, to spend money on nonsense and do all the things that are called “lusty”.

However, most of the forty men actually have a certain age bonuses, such as: some no career, no kind of financial independence and, most importantly, experience. That is, by and large, often all of the panic associated with incipient problems in sexual life.

The causes of panic

Some argue that the author of the phrase from the title could only be a woman. Supposedly the weaker sex unfamiliar fear of men all over the world – the fear of losing the potency, which is becoming stronger. And rightly so.

Spontaneous erections with age becomes less and less. All physiological processes in the body gradually slow down their work, including those responsible for sexual desire. Visual images are no longer active as in his youth. To achieve an erection just thinking about sex or looking at his sexual partner becomes more difficult. The man required direct physical stimulation of the penis and the erect penis will not be as solid. This characteristic, along with the fact that the erection occurs less frequently, is also very concerned about men. They remember the old “hardness” and despair. In addition, significantly reduced the need for orgasm, and many men consider it an early sign of impotence. By the way, mistakenly believe. Another reason for concern: “between the first and second break for two hours”. If a man about twenty years old, the time between orgasm and the next erection is counted by the minute. For thirty years this period is usually delayed for about twenty minutes and forty reaches one to two hours. It would seem, nothing terrible. But the mechanism works: “I remember, I’m not, I was fast.”

Who is to blame?

The reasons for the above phenomena are complex. An erection is a very complex process that requires precise interaction between the various parts of your body.

  • First, it depends on the work of the brain – the place where erotic thoughts and fantasies.
  • Secondly, the reflex to have an erection depends on nerve impulses caused by direct stimulation of the penis. The Mature man reflex mechanism works is not so clear.
  • Another problem could be excessive anxiety about erection. Sometimes, that experience itself becomes the reason for spasm of the smooth muscles, allowing blood to flow away from your penis. In this case you need to get rid of a purely psychological anxiety that makes good erections into something limp and shapeless. Here much depends on a partner – often a young girl who seemingly needs to “return to youth” a more Mature partner, causes even greater problems because the needs and high expectations.
  • And finally, with each passing decade, the level of testosterone in the blood decreases.

As a result, some men the whole complex responsible for the potency of the mechanisms gives a serious failure, and then develops a real impotence, which is characterized by a persistent lack of erection.

What to do?

Of course, if we are talking about concomitant diseases, without their treatment, erection problems can not be overcome. But, first and foremost, do not despair, no matter how grave seemed to be your problem. Science is not static and may offer a set of tools to increase potency. And these funds have proved their effectiveness for many years. So panic for no good reason, and it is the last thing to do onboard diagnostics, declaring the impotence after a couple of misfires. If you are concerned about discussed issue, just consult your doctor. Very high chances that the problem is much more in your head than in reality.