Resource medicine and health of the abdomen.

The question of one of visitors of the showroom:

My grandson, he is 20 years old, permanent constipation, constant runny nose in the morning. I persuaded him to lie down on the carpet. He liked the feeling of warmth and comfort, he took him into the room. A month later, he was regularly going to the toilet. Passed runny nose in the morning. Became cheerful, active. Appetite.

Elena 68 years.


The Answer Of Alexander V. Malko

The story of Elena Vasilevny is proof that the organs of the abdomen must be sufficient blood flow for health. Thermal carpet that is in the medium mode of heating or burning at any time of the day. Good immunity also need organs in the abdomen. For this heat the carpet must be applied in the evening, warming up the spine is 20-40 minutes at a temperature of 55° – 65°C. it is Necessary to conduct morning procedure cauterization of the abdomen for 10-15 minutes at 60°-70°C. the Quality of the work of the nerves going to the organs of the abdomen, can be achieved by using heat carpet in the lower segments of the thoracic spine and lower back. In these segments the nerve roots extend from the spinal cord to the organs of the abdomen and are responsible for their quality work. Procedure heat the carpet need to apply morning and night mode, moxibustion 15-20 minutes. To ensure full and proper emptying of the abdomen, I recommend to apply morning procedure moxibustion for 20 minutes on the abdomen. No need to apply heat to the carpet in the mode of burning and warming up the abdomen in five classic cases: the presence of bleeding, bright acute inflammation, suspicion or presence of cancer, area of pregnant belly and region of the implants.