The history of man and medicine.

People have been living for 6,000 years, and all the time want to be healthy. Man in person, always one person committed to their health.

The history of medicine or science that deals with the health.

Today most people think that health does medicine. This medicine 6000 years – exactly so much , how many people live on Earth. The first references to the existence of medicine belong to Ancient India, Ancient China, Ancient Egypt, Tibet, but in fact, the father of medicine consider Hippocrates, who lived in the V century BC.

Hippocrates went down in history as the “father of medicine”. Was a famous healer, doctor of Ancient Greece. In medicine, at the same time was engaged in philosophy. Since the time of Hippocrates, you can see a direct link between knowledge about health and the concept, the philosophy which was at that time.

As I believe, the merit of Hippocrates is that he began to call, enter the first terms in medicine, expanded the science of medicine in parts. Hippocrates, for example, separated the surgery from therapy. He realized that there is medicine that can pour some money into the man, and there is medicine that works with a knife outside of the body. Hippocrates introduced the first medical concept, shown. Science about health should begin with an understanding of the philosophy.

Of course, everyone knows the Hippocratic oath. And there is a lot of debate about whether Hippocrates wrote the oath, or made it up later. Anyway, looking at the oath, I can Express the idea that the attitude to health is kind of a sacred part of our life that requires clarity, honesty, judgment and confidence of action.

I would like to mention another famous scientist and physician who lived in the II — III century ad in Ancient Rome – Claudius Galen. It had already called the surgeon. Claudius Galen practiced medicine, and particularly surgery, of course, along with that of Galen studied philosophy. As I have said, philosophy and medicine are absolutely inseparable from the time of Hippocrates.

And so, Galen was first called surgeon. Also, the integral contribution of Galen in medicine, that he began to separate scientific discipline. Galen identified in a separate field of medicine – anatomy, physiology, pathology, pharmacology, neurology. Galen discovered that medicine is a complex science that you need to understand in parts. Thus, Galen brought a certain logic to understand all the medical terms and concepts.