Police fulfilled the dream of children with special needs

The boys, who dreams of becoming police officers, received an unusual gift from staff management. If we are talking about children, then the road to block!

Zane/Crown Glass Photography

13-year-old Zane, 11-year-old Owen and 7-year-old Elliot of South Dakota are a little different from other children. The older of the boys has down syndrome. Elliot is suffering from several serious diseases, and recently he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Owen syndrome Angelman. It’s a genetic anomaly, which is characterized by mental retardation. But the goals and desires of boys the most common – they like many other boys dream of becoming police officers.

Glass Crown Photography

Photographer Carrie Lewis, with the support of the police Department of the city of rapid city, organized for boys photo shoot, where they performed in coveted roles for them.

“The police stopped traffic on a street, was taken to the place of shooting four cars and tried to fulfill the dream of the boys, remembers Carrie, the Children were able to sit behind the wheel of a police car, wear jackets of the police and to be photographed with them.”

According to women, person boys glowed with happiness, and that’s exactly what Carrie wanted. “I came up with this photo shoot, so that children with disabilities have been able to fulfill his dream”.

Glass Crown Photography

And her idea was a success! And the guys, and the police received a lot of positive emotions. And management page in Facebook there was a record: “We had the honor to help these boys to spend the day so that he is remembered for a lifetime!”

Glass Crown Photography

Carrie hopes that her experience will affect those photographers who deliberately refuse to work with children with special needs. In her opinion, they need to get rid of prejudices and look at these guys in a new light.