Leonid Roshal calls to return system of distribution of graduates

The national medical chamber raises the question of the return of the system of distribution of graduates of medical universities who are trained at public expense. This was stated by the President of the chamber Leonid Roshal, November 29, at the VIII all-Russian Congress of patients in Moscow.

“The problem of personnel is of utmost concern of the civil society, he said. – Most complaints, especially in primary care associated with staffing problems: when there is a queue in clinics, not enough specialists. But born, these problems have been in the 90-ies, when it ceased to distribute students at public expense in institutions of practical public health. I myself after graduation have been distributed, worked in the clinic. Nothing wrong with not see, it is a huge school. And we have freedom. We do not need this freedom. We do not carry out constitutional norms. Therefore, along with other issues we have questions about the need to return to the practice of distribution of graduates, who are trained at public expense, in practical health care. Another way for us to solve the issue will be difficult.”