Expert: Russians have become more likely to die from AIDS

In Russia, the rapidly increasing number of new registered cases of HIV infection. About this experts warn on the eve of the world day of fight against AIDS.

“Unfortunately, in Russia there is a growing number of infected. We have in the past year 103 thousand new cases were registered. By November we had already, was another 75 million so by the end of the year will be not less than 100 thousand”, — said the head of the Federal scientific and methodological center for prevention and fight against AIDS Vadim Pokrovsky.

In 2014, there were 89 new cases 808, in 2015 — 98 232 in 2016 103 438.

Pokrovsky said about the growth in the number of deaths of patients with HIV-positive status. “We have a growing number of deaths. Last year 18.5 million people, according to Rosstat, died from AIDS. In fact, people with HIV died more than 30 thousand, but died the remaining 15 thousand is a question which requires examination”, — quotes its “Interfax”.

In 2014, the number of deaths from HIV infection was equal to 540 12, 2015 — 15 520, last year the figure was 18 575.

The head of the center noted that no way to talk about reducing the spread of the disease, since we are talking about reducing growth of new cases. “We have not reduced the growth, but as it was, this is, the added. So we do not work well for prevention of this disease,” — said the expert.

According to him, the growth in the number of cases leads to low efficiency of preventive work among risk groups. “Tactics and strategy of the HIV infection in question, because we now have the main thesis is the testing and treatment… And for what? Unfortunately, the treatment given while only one third was living with HIV. That is, to examine something we are examining, and the second part of the strategy of “explore-and-treat” we do not do,” said Basil.

In his opinion, the budget increase for the purchase of medicines discussed in the state Duma, is not sufficient to significantly increase the coverage of treatment. “In my opinion, we now have poorly implemented prevention programs, that is bad, we teach our people our people how to avoid HIV infection,” — said the expert.

According to him, the admonitions to refrain from sexual activity, alcohol consumption and drug ineffective. “Need to work with different groups: drug users, those who provide sex services for money and men who have sex with men, because it is unlikely they will quit doing it, despite our exhortations,” said he.

According to the head of the center, such programs are still very weak, and therefore growing at a rapid pace the number of new cases.