Men are passionate about plastic surgery like never before

The proportion of men applying to the doctor to improve their appearance.

German society of aesthetic plastic surgery presented a survey of its patients, according to which the proportion of men among them are significantly increased. Thus, it was already 17.5 percent – the highest figure for Germany. In 2009, the proportion of men among the clients of plastic surgeons was 9.6%.

Experts say about the changing attitudes in society to men who resort to plastic surgery: this phenomenon is perceived all the more natural. The most popular of such manipulation, the German men is plastic century. For this operation, the male patients accounted for approximately 20%. In 12% of cases men ask for pumping oil, 8% correct the shape of the nose, 7%, tightens the abdominal wall.

In total the survey of the German society of aesthetic-plastic surgery was attended by 3,400 men.