Popular detergents kill cells of the body

Popular detergents can cause cell death due to the incoming in their composition triclosan. The use of this substance in products of hygiene and early evoked criticism from the scientific perspective. In this time of mortal danger, this component started talking Russian scientists.

Scientists at the Institute of theoretical and experimental Biophysics RAS conducted a study of the properties of triclosan. Using laboratory mice, they watched as the substance affect the liver of animals. Experts have found that under the influence of triclosan in liver cells – hepatocytes – start the process leading to death. It turned out that triclosan “programlevel” cells.

“Under the influence of triclosan mitochondria of cells increased rapidly in size, they appeared a gap through which the inside has been infiltrated by special signal molecules that cause apoptosis – the death of the fledgling”, – told the experts.

By a series of experiments, biologists have come to the conclusion that triclosan is capable of leaving a “hole” not only in the cells of the liver but also in other cellular structures. This greatly increases the potential health risks from those products that are designed for cleaning and body care, and containing triclosan, scientists say.

We note that recently, Western experts have provided convincing evidence that triclosan can cause allergic reactions and hormone disruption. The EU and the United States was even a ban on the use of this component in detergents.

Recall that triclosan has long been used as an antimicrobial ingredient in Soaps, toothpastes, cosmetics. It was believed that it is safe for humans, but this time, scientists said: for humans and metazoans triclosan may be more dangerous than the germs.