Russians with back pain do not hurry to the doctor

An Internet poll showed that 70% of those who are experiencing back pain, live with her for more than three months, not going to the doctor, which is extremely high. The results of a survey which aimed to find out how many Russians are experiencing symptoms characteristic of early stages of serious diseases, presented on 30 November at a press conference in TASS, the Association of rheumatologists of Russia, mutual aid Society of about ankylosing spondylitis and the company “Novartis Farma”.

Experts also alarming is the study that symptoms such as morning stiffness in the back, reducing pain during movement, nocturnal pain at rest experiencing 57-71% of all respondents who claimed back pain. At the same time 35% of her appearance at the age up to 18 years.

As told by the President of the Russian scientific medical society of physicians Anatoly Martynov, all these signs may indicate ankylosing spondylitis (ankylosing spondylitis) – the severe disease that at an early stage is manifested by pain in the back. However, such a diagnosis is only 3% of those who experienced pain. Most often with this problem patients go to a therapist and a neurologist, and only 12% go to a rheumatologist. More than 1/3 is treated independently, and almost one in five does not conduct any treatment.

As told the acting Director FBGO “research Institute of rheumatology named. V. A. Nasonova” Alexander Leela, the statistics of the disease in Russia – 0.5 – 06% of the total population. Unfortunately, the diagnosis often lags behind the appearance of the first symptoms for 10 – 12 years, i.e. when the disease is already moving in a running stage. Permanent disability occurs on average 15 years after onset of disease, and the average age of disability is 46,3 years.

According to the data, which led the managing Director of “Novartis Pharma” in Russia Nikolaos, Tripodis, in Russia about half a million people suffer from ankylosing spondylitis, a correct diagnosis is, perhaps, one of 8 – 10 patients, and it can take up to nine years before the patient gets it. Over the years the quality of life is very reduced. In this regard, it is important to raise the level of awareness in relation to the disease, he said.

Leela Alexander said that over the last five or six years, the results of therapy has improved significantly with the release of a number of new drugs that significantly changed the pathomorphism of treatment. “There is a group of non-steroidal drugs, there is a high-tech genetically engineered products. We used to make a diagnosis, assigned appropriate treatment, the progression of the disease in many cases does not flow quickly or even braked,” – said the expert.