The problem is that depression in diabetics was underestimated

Doctors wonder why patients with diabetes does the desire to continue living.

The twenty-first century in Germany, the era of mental illness. A completely new way was open depression, which is now one of the main causes of workplace absence. First despised and useless psychiatrists and psychotherapists now just looking for an excuse to attract more attention and patients. This time about depression remembered in the German diabetic society (DDG). Experts remind that the disease doesn’t make us happier, and certainly they face depression more than others.

According to the calculations of DDGwith diabetes because of the great responsibility for his life and numerous restrictions are prone to depression twice as much as the rest of the population. Psychotherapists fantasize on the subject of thoughts which can visit diabetics about their miserable life, destiny and so on. Psychologist Bernd, Kulzer believes that depression in patients with diabetes mellitus can cause various side disease. It turns out that diabetics often suffer a stroke and a heart attack, cardiovascular, renal and other diseases, and all together often leads them to suicide. Expert conclusion: these patients need more psychological help.