Therapists learn to diagnose ankylosing spondylitis

A single document, “back Pain” that significantly increases the opportunities for timely diagnosis of ankylosing spondylitis and build the right tactics of treatment, created in collaboration with rheumatologists, traumatologists, orthopedists, neurologists and psychologists. This was announced by the President of the Russian scientific medical society of physicians Anatoly Martynov November 30 at a press conference in TASS.

According to him, this consensus document “has already been discussed on the professional level and becomes a property of the whole country, he soon will be posted on the website of rheumatology”.

As said acting Director of the research Institute of rheumatology named. V. A. Nasonova Alexander Leela, diagnosis often lags behind the appearance of the first symptoms for 10-12 years, when the disease is already moving in a running stage and leads to permanent disability. “Duration of diagnostics – this is not a feature of our country, this is true for European countries, it is a feature of the disease”, he explained. Over the years the patient usually goes through therapists, neurologists, traumatologists and orthopedists, osteopaths, chiropractors, finally getting to a rheumatologist.

In this regard, the specialist is very important to implement educational programs for doctors of various specialties for early diagnosis of ankylosing spondylitis (ankylosing spondylitis), and especially for therapists. “In the territories, the number of rheumatologists is somewhat lower than necessary. But therapists are everywhere. The therapist is the trained expert and the chance of getting to him patient the highest. That’s why the educational program is very important. We are now conducting schools among related professionals, has formulated the questions that must ask the patient a General practitioner. If the doctor suspected the disease, it can consult a rheumatologist,” said Alexander Leela. He noted that the development of telemedical consultations, which are paid from the MLA, significantly increases the availability of rheumatology.

A General practitioner should be alerted by such symptoms as back pain, which has this disease its own characteristics: first, the exacerbation followed by periods of improvement may give in the buttocks, originating alternately with one or the other side. The characteristic symptom of back pain is the reduction of its intensity in the movement and the absence of improvement at rest; pain often disturbs at night, arising in the second half of the night or towards the morning; in the morning worried about the feeling of stiffness. Concerned about the pain in the heels, pain and swelling of the joints, most commonly the lower extremities, eye damage, more than, manifested by pain, redness, photophobia, and decreased visual acuity.

“To get us later, although today it is possible to make a diagnosis in the first months, – stated the head of the laboratory of spondyloarthritis FBGO “research Institute of rheumatology named. V. A. Nasonova” Sandor Ardes. For this, the patient must come to a rheumatologist. It is possible to improve diagnostics, but it is necessary to develop routing of patients with pain in the back.”

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