Why not put the child in a child seat in street clothes

That child needs to stay buckled in a car seat, every parent knows. But not every parent knows what needs to be wearing at this moment.

According to experts, the action team on child safety Good Egg Safety, if the child is sitting in the car in a warm winter jacket, it makes the chair useless.

The thing is that when seat belts are securely fastened on top of the massive down jacket, between the body of the child and the belt is still a large gap. Parents think that everything is in order, but it’s not.

In the event of a serious accident the seat belts will not work and will not be able to keep the child’s body. He probably will jump out of the car seat and maybe even clothing. This is confirmed by numerous test drives and here is the result of one of them:

The best way to protect the baby is to remove outer clothing and to make sure that the straps securely hold it in the chair. It is necessary to check their tension locked, putting his hand under them. In norm between the body and the belt should not fit more than two fingers.

But if you are worried that the child may freeze, cover it on top with the same jacket or blanket, according to Good Egg Safety experts.