Why you should immediately stop to blame others

Have you noticed what is modern society? We love to blame each other. No matter what the problem, or is there generally a problem, there will always be someone who can direct your finger, seeking guilt in others. We blame the government, blame our parents, blame teachers, blame the people who disagree with us. We interrupt friendships created over many years due to some minor and petty disputes.

The worst thing is that all of this is considered 100% normal and fully justified. This leads many to think: “We are a civilized society or a group of savages who are eager to constantly accuse someone?” Condemnation of others – a complete waste of time. Moreover, the constant finding of guilt is one of the main causes of our personal problems and the problems of society as a whole. Perhaps our fault intoxication is the cause of hatred, terror and corruption, which of course once again we blame other people. Many people will not agree with this, but we have to state our point of view.

Search fault – the result of ego

Ego is amplified by fear and anger. That’s why when we make choices based on ego, it is often associated with something negative, than with love.

Our wine emphasizes power over someone else

When we seek blame, we sit and complain, without trying to make the world better for all of us. Thanks to finding of guilt, we give in to anger and fear. We allow negative energy that further increased the problem. Instead use our power for positive change, we fall into the trap of negativity.

The finding of guilt alienates people

The prosecution may scare some old friends, separate families or cause stress in the workplace. Don’t you believe? Try to find prosperous relationships in the family, at work or in a group of friends, when people constantly accuse each other.

Reproaches no one improve

When we blame and punish the man whom we deplore, that gets better? What is the punishment automatically makes him a better man? Only have the opposite effect, the more fines, the more crimes.

The prosecution does not make people happy

Have you ever seen a man eager to judge others, to be happy? Have you ever felt good after and took off the other person? Have you ever felt good when someone was accusing you? You may have concluded, what better accusation or compassion?

The prosecution is a narcissistic behavior.

When one person accuses another, he in fact tells him: “I know, and I’m right.” However, in reality things are not as they seem. Extremely narcissicism to assume that our perspective is the only correct one. In addition, how can we pretend, when all know – most of our ideas are based on hearsay from television or social networks. Most of the things about which we argue, we haven’t even seen. It may seem funny to most people, but the response to terrorism and corruption should be love and compassion. Many people will say: “so we should let terrorists and criminals walk the streets.” Certainly no, the idea here is that the charges will in no way help to solve the problem. On the contrary, it will create more than problems that we want to eliminate.

Think about it, isn’t that what happened with terrorism in recent years. We are increasingly condemn terrorists and their attacks become more and more frequent. As a society, we are inextricably linked with each other, and when in the chain there is a problem, each of us is connected and responsible. Recognizing that we are one, and each is responsible for the actions of another, we greatly improve people’s attitudes. Hatred, terrorism and corruption show that we, as a society, create and even expand the world, which is dominated by terror and fear. Therefore, if we want less fear, hatred and corruption, we need to create a society based on peace and love.