Eight dresses that should be every girl

Fashion that no year, dictates new fashions, but there are dresses that exist outside of time. And you need every one of them.

Marta Ketro

Marta Ketro
Columnist cosmo.ru


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Marta Ketro
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Восемь платьев, которые должны быть у каждой девушки

Indecent dress

From time to time in every woman wakes up crazy vamp, immediate boost sexuality. To meet her, you will wear either a desperate mini, or a huge cleavage or tight its charms, narrow and translucent. In exceptional cases this may be all right and red. When the attack passes, you’ll throw the horror into the depths of the wardrobe until the next seizure. Well, if this happens to you do not every month but several times a year, it is inevitable.

Dress for PMS

When you feel fat, awkward and unhappy, I want to worsen this condition spacious robe. Because… what the hell are you supposed to be like a stretched string? In any case, suddenly the rounded stomach is impossible. In the days when more than anything I want to hide in a corner of the bed and pull the blanket will come in handy dress bag. In a certain perspective, it is very even nothing, you might say, kind of romantic and sort of hints that are hidden beneath alluring shapes. At least we hope so.

Children’s dress

Even the most reasonable woman sometimes falls into the illusion, feeling naive and touching the girl. Usually with any common sense hold us back from bow and socks, but to avoid the trapeze, bows and frills, round collar and funny pockets is not always possible. For home it’s kind of nice, and the walk is nothing, on the condition that you will not find friends. And if they meet — you’re not wearing this striped tights, shoes with a strap and handbags Hello kitty? Put on? Yeah, that was awkward.

Mother’s or grandmother’s dress

It will, of course, it’s a bit large, but retains an incredible charm. Strange style waist or shoulder patch; a cloth which you never seen in stores; a lace collar or a brooch at the shoulder. You remember it mom, young and very beautiful, the shadow of the past falls on you and gives a special charm. Man it better not to appear (suddenly his mother was the same), but on retro party you’ll be a star.

Dress with train

It hangs in the closet for years, without wearing, because wearing it longer. But it you absolutely necessary. Because in a woman’s life can always be a prom, social occasion, parquet or red carpet. And then the dress with an open back, a clutch, gloves above the elbow and pearls will save you. Otherwise, I shudder to think: what if Oscar, and you are not ready. And while your triumph is delayed, you can sometimes get this magnificence from the wardrobe to wear and it is important to travel from the corridor to the mirror, smiling pleasantly imaginary photographers.

Girl dress, which someone has

The whole secret of this thing that she fastens a few buttons, a long zipper or lacing. The most you can not Dodge, so you’ll need a special man who will take care of you and kiss in the neck at parting, and in the evening will release from the dress and again kiss.

Dress to tease

It is also a lot of small buttons, but from the front, and it’s narrow enough that it was impossible to remove, not unbuttoning all of them. It is well to come to the impatient lover and make him suffer until you overcome all eighteen. However, to get dressed then, most likely, will have second times to fight with the buttons and loops on men is usually not enough. But if he does, it is a sure sign that you got lucky with him.

Dress for a first date

It’s a fancy dress. Every time, going to endless meeting, a woman knows exactly what she needs to come. Sometimes it’s something translucent or dense, but slit thigh; dull or bare shoulder; or a long, bright or pastel, and thin or fluttering. She already sees himself running towards someone is fine, but here’s the thing — the right dress on hand is never. The woman wears what is, and then in the case of buying the one that was necessary. But it is not useful, because the following story will not be about it will require a very different dress.