Girls, we have no chance: why feminism will not win ever

It’s sad, but it’s true: whatever we do, the Patriarchy will not hand over positions. And sad as it may sound, it is absolutely logical. Men can understand.

Дарья Королькова

Daria Korolkova


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Daria Korolkova
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Девушки, у нас нет шансов: почему феминизм не победит никогда

Imagine: you come home after work. Take off the boots and taking off his coat, wondering what there is for dinner tonight. Husband from the kitchen gently responds: “Burgers and vegetable stew!” You say, “Thank you, and soon?” — noting to myself that the burgers and the stew was last week and something is already fed up.

In the hallway, the children run out, excitedly telling about their day. Lessons, of course, they already did, dad checked everything and the poem is also learned, and crafts from cones and chestnuts which it was necessary to prepare for the day of the Fall, drying on the shelf. You eat, thank you, and even promise to wash the dishes, but later when a little rest.

Sit start Candy Crush Saga or play into something no less intelligent, then go in the shower myself somewhat ashamed of dirty dishes, but you’re so tired!

In the morning you Wake up knowing Breakfast is already ready, the children assembled in the garden and in school, and your job is on the way to work to separate them at the addresses, not forgetting crafts and physical form, however, as they forget when they have been carefully presented to you before exiting. Teachers and educators can only see you in the doorway, the questions you ask, no one will be invited to participate in the cleaning and decoration of the group for the day of the birthday boy too. So it is enough to kiss babies in a fluffy head and go on.

In the office you can walk in the same suit by changing the shirt (if there is a dress code), or in the same jeans, changing t-shirts and hoodies (if the dress code is free). No one will ever tell you that you’re wearing unfashionable or monotonous. Makeup? Styling? What nonsense, what are you? Hair clean and assembled in a convenient tail: what else you need? To paint them, too, there is no need, gray hair is considered a sign of status and wisdom. Splurge on a haircut too, do not have your hair put in order over 500 rubles in any halfway decent salon. Manicures and pedicures are reduced to neatly trimmed nails. Your wrinkles nobody will notice, typed 5 kg will cause a friendly the approval of the companions, they say, you well at home-the food! Dirty things you put in the Laundry basket, and then take from the shelf a clean and ironed. No, of course you know how to use washing machine and iron, but usually these processes do not affect you in any way.

On Friday you can call my husband and say that you and your colleagues decided to go to the pub to informally discuss some questions. And disconnect the phone. This weekend you are, of course, with the family for a couple of hours to take a walk in the Park or go to the movies, shopping and food. You’re the mom of the holiday, you’re buying kids Goodies and taking them to go on the rides and in the evening let sleeping late, watching stupid cartoons, and no lessons!

But if it had been a good, windless weather, and girlfriends name is on the nature and shish kebabs are of course, my husband would stay with the kids, and you can go and have fun. And no injustices: once a month you let go of her husband’s friends, saying that he just sat at home and he needed to unwind, “only not too late, children need to tell dad good night!

If children get sick, a husband lovingly gives you a list of drugs that must be purchased at the pharmacy, and if any of them will be on sale, do not break your head: call and ask what to replace, because the doctor came, when you was not at home. Naturally, sick children, too, sits husband. Yes, from time to time torn you sew a button or make costumes of snowflakes and bunnies, but in a pinch, the suit can buy, not such a problem in the modern world. In the end, your salary at least 30% higher than that of male colleagues.

If the eldest son picked up the deuces, are you seriously going to talk to him and then alone (you’re a man of culture), will Express their dissatisfaction with the husband: you come from work exhausted and explain to the son of math just are not able to, because you have nerves and after 5 seconds you’ll come to a Creek that traumatize the child’s psyche. Is it hard to find half an hour to work with your child?

And if the work will start reducing, you will have the full right to count on the support of the faithful. He will take on more life, so you could lie down and think about the future of your family, and of working he will have a little more, perhaps — to take a part-time job to cover the family budget. You’re a team!

I did not invent this story except for that small detail. I lived in this Paradise for almost 7 years, when the family Council it was decided that I will have a career, a husband, house and family Affairs. And I must say that it was a great time in my life. And I perfectly understand why men don’t want to give up such a scenario. I didn’t want, and if not for the crisis and the circumstances — I would do anything to keep it that way. And they will do. Believe me, without a fight.