Fatty fish protects against vozrasti of vision loss

Drinking large quantities of trout, sardines and herring protects from blindness, as the study showed. In oily fish contain chemicals that increase survival are critical to normal vision cells.

Eating large amounts of fatty fish may be the most effective prevention of age-related vision loss. This product contains fatty acids omega-3, which enhance cell survival, are critical to the protection of vision, as found by American scientists. Omega-3 helps the cells in the eyes of a person more effectively cope with stress, for example caused by lack of blood supply. In laboratory tests, cells of the human eye subjected to constant light exposure to determine how well they cope with its impact. When using fatty acids omega-3 cells is much better passed the test.

Several million people suffer from visual impairment associated with aging, and most often they appear in the form of age-related macular degeneration. The results of the study showed that omega-3 can be used older people for the prevention of blindness. The retina is a thin layer of tissue located at the back of the eye. It converts light into signals sent to the brain where they are processed into images. Damage to the retina leads to degeneration of the macula, which is responsible for what we see immediately before us, that is for Central vision. This type of vision is critical for reading, writing, and color discrimination.

Although oily fish also contains omega-6 causing inflammation, and therefore represent a threat for the vision, their effect is completely suppressed by omega-3 acids. Note that suffering from age-related vision loss , the elderly are nearly three times more likely to experience depression. Blindness is one of the worst types of disability for the greater part of the population of our planet.