Found a new danger of foods with carbohydrates

Intensive consumption of foods containing fast carbohydrates leads to high blood stress, – this was stated by Israeli scientists from tel Aviv University. The most dangerous for the cardiovascular system they consider foods with a high glycemic index.

White bread, sweet pastries and buns, fries and sodas increase the risk of developing heart disease, experts noted in a new study. According to the data obtained by them, the food is rich in carbohydrates prompts the arteries and the blood vessels to expand dramatically for a long time left in this position. This increases the workload on the heart and wears it ahead of time, said the authors of the project.

Their study involved 56 people, which were divided into groups with a separate diet. In particular, participants in the different groups ate cornflakes with milk, sugar mixture crispbread. In one group of volunteers was fed in accordance with their usual diet.

“The experiment showed that the products included in the diet of the participants of the first three groups have a high glycemic index. They are rich in carbohydrates and cause the body to arterial stress. It is better to change junk food to oatmeal, nuts, vegetables, fruits and legumes”, – stated in the final researchers.