Fat in the vessels does not appear due to power

Chemists from the University of Connecticut presented data that indicate that the fatty plaques clogging the blood vessels and arteries, may arise not because of the food. Such fat deposits in the vascular system can be the cause of the work of bacteria, called scientists.

The activity of bacteria that inhabit the oral cavity and human gut, capable of provoking the appearance of fatty plaques that clog arteries and raise the risk of heart attack and stroke, said researchers. According to them, “it is the bacteria invade blood vessels and cause problems.”

In particular, the perpetrators of adiposis has in the blood vessels experts believe Bacteroidetes — type gram-negative asporogenous rod-shaped anaerobic bacteria that are widely distributed in the environment. The bacteria, according to scientists, make fat molecules more distinct in terms of the contained fatty acids, whereby the platelets are fixed in the vessels.

However, as observations showed that the body reacts to such deposits by the activation of an enzyme that seeks to destroy bacterial lipids. The molecules released by this destruction, promote inflammation. Therefore, stated in the end, the researchers generated bacterial activity of fat accumulation of have a double whammy on arteries.