Gummy vitamins do more harm than good

Gummy vitamins don’t work as you can expect from them. The study showed that their constituent ingredients do more harm to health than good.

Specially designed for kids sweet chewable vitaminthat tastes like candy, provide a growing body with an adequate amount of essential nutrients. Although they are sweet and pleasant child to taste, studies have shown that these vitamins contains either too large or insufficient amount of nutrients and minerals, mentioned on packages. Conducted by experts the tests allowed to compare 50 different multivitamin. 80% of them did not meet the standards of dietary supplements.

Many people are moving from traditional pills to chewable vitaminsthat are more pleasant to the taste. However, experts emphasize that they are sugar coating brings the body more harm than good. According to the health Department on control over foodstuff and medicines of the USA, the human body requires 13 different vitamins from food or supplements and other sources. Gummy vitamins we need replace nutrients not too healthy ingredients that are added in there to give the sweet taste.

The experiments showed that 12 of the 50 popular multivitamins contain 24% less of the beneficial nutrients mentioned on the packaging, and by as much as 157% more than what is mentioned. In addition, most of these vitamins are generally not passed through the approval of the regulatory authorities, and this means that they just do not tested like other medicines.