How to be happy and healthy: 5 easy steps

hapapa.jpgWe spend a lot of time for the performance of work, personal life and public activities. What about our health? Isn’t it time to devote some time to your physical and mental condition?

Deal with stress

Almost everyone thinks he knows the essence of stress. But is it? Stress comes in various forms and volumes. It can be acute and chronic. Can be social, physical, associated with metabolism, etc. Most people use this word, without distinguishing between cause and effect. It turns out that describing lean heavily stress, we often say: “I Have a stressful job.” Or, faced with a problem, complaining: “I feel such stress. Just do not think”. Even scientists do not always draw a clear line between stress as a condition and psychological reaction to it.

Stress is so vague a term partly for the reason that the feeling of his load in humans takes many forms from feelings of mild tension to a full depression.

Physical exercise, drawing, reading, and other Hobbies help to deal with the emotional and physical aspects of this problem. The most important thing is to find what suits you. Once you start to engage in any hobby, all the problems and hardships go by the wayside.


Too many possibilities of entertainment and distractions crave our attention, energy and time. And should say “Yes” only to those ideas and goals that you really light.

Remember, “if it is not obvious that this is a “Yes”, so that’s a no”. This mantra is good and in making decisions and in setting priorities. If the challenge is time-consuming, but the benefit is doubtful, it is better to abandon it.

Say goodbye to bad habits

The best way to deal with bad habits — find a suitable sport.

A study in 2004 in London have shown that even 10 minutes of exercise can relieve the intense desire of alcohol. The researchers divided 40 patients at the hospital who has just undergone a detox into two groups: one worked on a stationary bike with a moderate load, the second with light. The next day the groups swapped tasks, and found that in the first group the desire for alcohol has decreased significantly.

Smokers can benefit from just five minutes of intensive exercise. Among the substances causing addiction, nicotine stands out. The fact that he is both a relaxant and a stimulant. Exercises well struggling with Smoking, because in addition to the gradual increase in the dopamine level, reduce anxiety, tension and stress, so physical irritation, which are so often present in people trying to quit Smoking. Physical activity can bring down your thirst to smoke for about 50 minutes, doubling and even tripling the interval until the next cigarette.

Stop distracted

E-mail can be a very handy tool, and can be chronophage — time eater. According to some estimates, modern office workers on average spend on mail 30-35% of their time. The same applies to social networks and instant messengers.

We recommend you to disable all notifications on the phone, in the mail on desktop, tablet and other devices. You have to decide when you check for new messages in various instant messengers and means of communication, and not to twitch, because each new message. Remember we need up to 15-20 minutes to again take in the context of the task, on which we worked, after the distraction.

Focus on goals

Imagine that you decide (e.g. 31 December) is finally get in shape. Charged with determination and enthusiasm, you go to the gym and undertake three times a week, doing dumbbells, and Jogging. Possessed by the same spirit, you develop diet, reducing to twice its caloric value and completely eliminating all sugar and simple carbohydrates. And finally, you decide to go to bed early and Wake up early.

Ten days later, you see that this diet is simply impossible to adhere to in the room you can only get in twice a week and you go to bed well after midnight. What happened? Answer: you took on too much and want to do it too fast. Your will and discipline can’t cope with the flow requirements, your ability of self-regulation is depleted. The result: you not only cope with the implementation of its plan, but also strengthened the belief that habits impossible to fight.

Instead of to take in the process of trying to change your life, try to create rituals gradually, focusing on one significant change at a time and set ourselves achievable goals at each stage. If your job is sedentary and you decided to start exercise, you don’t need to start with 5-mile runs six times a week. Your chances of success will be much higher if your plan will be specific and tuned to your possibilities. For example, if you begin by Hiking a duration of 15 minutes three times a week and every week will increase this time.

Of course, the development and changes won’t happen until then, until you step outside of their comfort zones, but too much load will soon lead to the fact that you just give up too soon. It is much better to achieve small successes at each stage of the change process. Thus generated confidence will serve you extra fuel for the pursuit of the following objectives.