It identifies the main symptom of impending death

The scientists from Medical school of Exeter University (UK) a new publication in the Journal of the American Medical Association Internal Medicine. According to the data given in it, experts have identified the relationship between changes in blood pressure and death.

The downward trend in blood pressure in old age may be a sign of death in the foreseeable future, this is the conclusion eventually reached by the authors of the study. The conclusion of experts is based on the data of their review of deaths of almost 50 thousand people.

All the people in the study died at the age of 60 years and older. According to scientists, among them were those who complained about the state of their health, and those who, conversely, had a variety of disorders caused by cardiovascular abnormalities, dementia and hypertension.

After analyzing the collected data, the researchers found: in all categories, people have observed a gradual decrease in blood pressure that began around 14 years when they died.

“Lowering blood pressure for elderly patients is a serious danger, although this does not mean that at a later age do not need to treat high blood pressure seeking to reduce performance pressure,” – said in this regard, study co-author George Kuschel.