Testosterone after 40: how to improve?

Alas, with age, the level of testosterone in men tends to decline. This affects not only overall health, but also for personal life. Don’t worry, because thanks to the changing eating habits and lifestyle you will be able to raise the level of the male hormone, we will tell about this below.

Testosterone field 40 years for men: how to improve?

In fact, the ways of raising the level of this hormone is very, very much. Of course, you have to try and completely redefine your lifestyle, nutrition, get rid of bad habits.

Testosterone levels in men begin to decline by about 1% per year after 30 years. That is, if you compare the rate of 30 years and 40 years, in 40 it will be 10% lower, which is not too small. But sometimes, even in young people the hormone levels are reduced due to poor lifestyle and hormonal imbalance.

Testosterone is crucial for many functions of the male body, such as the personal life, the bone density and strength of the joints, energy, and muscle mass.

The more testosterone a man after 40 years? The change in diet, exercise restriction in consumption of carbohydrates, eating saturated fats all these methods will help to increase the hormone levels in the shortest possible time and without hormonal drugs.

The most effective ways to increase testosterone for men after 40:

Changing the diet. Alas, you have to give up sweets, pastries, fried foods, fast food. Include in your daily diet nuts and seeds, cereals, legumes, eggs, lean meat and fish, vegetables and fruit.

Lose weight! Often the decline in testosterone provoked by the presence of excess weight. A large amount of adipose tissue affects the male hormone. Therefore, without weight loss you just can not do.

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Visit a gym. Proved that strength training positively affect testosterone levels. They increase the amount of muscle mass and the more muscles in the body, the more testosterone is produced.

Get enough sleep. Your body produces the most part of the hormone at that time when you sleep. Sleep for 8 hours (instead of 4-5) increases the amount of testosterone to 250%!

Less nervous. Under stress the body produces cortisol. This hormone induces the increase in the number of subcutaneous fat on the abdomen, which also negatively affects testosterone. Less nervous, do some meditation or sports.

Personal life. Studies show that frequent close contact with the woman increase male hormone. You will be surprised, but even a 5 minute talk, with beauty dramatically increases testosterone by 30%.

Take vitamin complex for men. Your body needs zinc, b vitamins and other nutrients. In food they are too few, therefore we recommend to Supplement the diet quality complex.

More protein in the diet. Menu modern men often consists of fast carbs and unhealthy fats. And necessary for the body protein many people forget. Eat dairy products, eggs, fish and meat, soy and legumes, nuts.

Tincture or tea on the basis of ginseng. This plant has been used in Asian medicine for several TESAC years, it helps to treat disease for men and increase mugsy force. Find similar products at the drugstore, they effectively increase testosterone.

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Eat garlic. This vegetable will not only strengthen your immunity, but also enhance the virility. Consume a day 2-4 cloves of fresh garlic or replace it with extract capsules.

More sunlight. In the summer it is clear enough to go outside or to the beach. And what to do in the cold season? Be sure to go 1-2 weeks in warmer climes. By the way, the Solarium is also a good option, visit it 1 time a week, enough for 5-7 minutes.

Homemade methods to increase testosterone didn’t work: what to do?

Despite the effectiveness of all the above ways, they may not work. This can happen if testosterone is low because of the hormonal failure or chronic diseases. In this situation, you need to consult a doctor and identify the cause.

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