Because of the fast food world captures the epidemic of food allergies

Over the past 10 years the number of cases of food allergies has tripled in some countries. Experts in the field of healthy nutrition, are blaming the Western diet with lots of starchy and fatty foods.

Only in USA the number of victims of food Allergy over the past 10 years have increased more than three times. The researchers attribute this surge of genetics, environment and changes in technologies of production of products. In General, for 10 years, the number of people facing food allergieshave increased by 377%. Including, talking about severe allergic reactions, including anaphylactic shock. The number of victims of peanut allergies increased by 445%, and hazelnuts and seeds – 603% over the same period. However, the information also shows that a third of all cases of allergies fall in the category of other specific foods that are not called. And it allows researchers to assume that my sad contribution to the development of food Allergy makes specific Western diet.

This phrase is traditionally called a large number of fried, fatty and sweet food which is available in numerous fast food chains. The popularity of Western diets in different countries is growing every year, and many experts noted with sorrow that it displaces more traditional in certain regions and in more healthy meals. This is more evident in some Asian countries. The study showed that victims of food Allergy are more likely to be boys than girls.

Previously, other scientists showed that food Allergy is more common among urban residents than in rural areas. However, the strong growth recorded in the past 10 years, more clearly observed among rural residents of the United States. For example, the number of queries to the insurance companies to pay for treatment of food allergies among rural residents increased by 110%, and among the inhabitants of the cities – only 70%. Scientists emphasize that the inhabitants of many countries of the world choose more nutritious food with lots of meat, refined sugars and preservatives. This is the classic components of Western diets.