Named best products against fatty liver

If the fat content in the liver becomes too high, the functions of the body are broken – in humans this increases the risk of various health problems. The diet must contain certain products that positively affect the condition of the liver, the scientists believe.

In particular, people tend to develop fatty liver disease be useful to garlic, it is the opinion of experts in Medical Insider. A number of studies have shown that the addition in food of garlic powder helps to reduce the fat in body tissues. Also help reduce fat foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids – sardines, walnuts, Flaxseed oil.

Another effective defense against nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is coffee. In coffee contains chlorogenic acid has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, its presence in the body reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood and vessels.

In addition, to reduce the percentage of body fat and triglycerides in the blood is very good green tea, experts say. Extremely useful for people prone to fat accumulation, and broccoli. During experiments, long-term consumption of broccoli “frozen” the process of accumulation of fat in the liver of mice.

Several studies have demonstrated that in protecting the body from fatty liver disease effective some protein compounds – specifically soy and whey protein. Their regular consumption can reduce the blood sugar levels and reduce the overall weight.

Fatty liver disease, which is characterized by the accumulation of fat in the cells of the body, may occur on a background of alcoholism, a common obesity associated with overeating and eating unhealthy foods, pregnancy.