Called accelerating aging products

Some foods can disrupt the process of regeneration of the body, says TV presenter and doctor Elena Malysheva. She said there are three main types of products, the use of which leads to disorders in cell renewal process of human body, thus bringing aging.

One of Tarawih the body products, according to Malysheva, it is sugar and everything that contains it. The doctor explained that the body and without that constant production of sugar – a glycation. Additional doses do cells too fragile.

“Excess sugar in the blood causes the strands of collagen that permeate our body, glycerous and cease to be elastic. Where they break off, the skin wrinkles. Deteriorating state of the vessels, which are also penetrated by collagen – increases the risk of heart attack and stroke,” – said Elena Malysheva.

Another view of the accelerating aging products – meat products, especially foods, sausages, ham, etc. the Doctor said that a large number of phosphorus compounds contained in these products bind to the proteins, and the resulting molecular structure can damage the kidney and vascular wall.

Also very harmful alcohol. Even irregular consumption of alcohol leads to accelerated aging of the body, said Elena Malysheva. For neutralization of alcohol molecules trapped in the body, consumed a very large amount of fluid. Loss of moisture makes the cells vulnerable to damage, the skin becomes prone to wrinkles and inflammation.