Cancer is a disease every second

Over the decade the incidence of cancer among women increased by 9%, men – 6%.

Institute. Robert Koch (Berlin) has published information on recent trends in the incidence of cancer in Germany. Processed data allow us to report that over the period from 2004 to 2014 annual increase in the number of new diagnoses increased among men 6%, women – 9%. Thus, every year in the country sick with cancer 249,2 thousand thousand men and 227 women. But during the life with cancer faces every second.

In General, the most common cancer is breast (69,9 thousand), colon (61 thousand), prostate (57,4 thousand) and lung (53.8 thousand). Among women the most common cancer is breast cancer in men is prostate cancer.

In men a significant factor in the spread of the disease is the increase in life expectancy. If we exclude the effect of age, it appears that the incidence among men in 10 years is actually decreased by 10%. In women, the exclusion of the age factor essentially does not change the picture – the increase in incidence (+3%) is still observed. The increase among women is largely due to the increasing number of lung cancer cases that are caused by Smoking, among men, the frequency of such diseases has declined.