Cheese lovers get protection from stroke

Good news for the many millions of fans of different varieties of cheese. Researchers have shown that the use of this popular food on a daily basis is useful for heart health and blood vessels.

Regular consumption of cheese in small quantities and on a daily basis helps to strengthen the heart and blood vessels. These are the results of meta-analysis, which was conducted by scientists from China and the Netherlands, after analyzing information on more than 200,000 people who participated in 15 observational studies. Note that cheese is one of the world’s most popular products, which is perceived equally well in different countries and cultures, in recent years, however, there were studies indicating that this product is not safe for the health of, and fascination with cheese may lead to disturbances in the cardiovascular system.

Now, researchers have found that prefer for every day to eat the cheese people are 14% less likely to collide with coronary heart disease and the risk of suffered a stroke at them is reduced by 10% compared to people who rarely eat cheese or do not eat it. However, the study authors emphasize that the cheese must be absorbed in moderation. In General, the most useful for health a day is a piece of cheese, the matchboxes.

The researchers have not figured out what cheese is good for the cardiovascular system. It is possible that this product positively affects the elasticity and permeability of blood vessels, the reduction of bad cholesterol in the blood and the restoration of beneficial intestinal bacteria needed for a healthy heart and blood vessels.