Gone suffering from depression, the participant “House-2”

Former member of the popular Russian reality Maria Politova – left home and disappeared in an unknown direction. Young woman looking for friends and husband, who also said that Mary had mental problems.

Civilian spouse of Maria Natalia Politov filed a police report about the disappearance of her friend, and appealed for help in finding her on social media. He insists that the incident is not a hoax. According to the man, after leaving the house, Politova did not bring a cell phone. At the same time their apartment was gone the medications that she took.

“Mary has bipolar disorder with depressive moments. She drank antidepressants. All the pills from the house disappeared. The worst thing is that one day, before meeting with me, Masha, in a conversation with a friend described this version of events: she takes the drugs and leaves somewhere in the forest,” – said the civil husband of the woman Artem Shnurov the magazine “StarHit”. The man also stressed that we are talking about serious consequences: according to him, the police are looking for Mary, but “bad predictions”.

30-year-old Maria Politova participated in the reality show “Dom-2” three times – in 2006, in 2007 and 2010. In recent years she was earning as a makeup artist, model, artist.

Recall that in 2013 was found dead eks-the participant “Houses-2” Svetlana Rakhimova. Her death was then linked with suicide. Even earlier, in 2008, on the highway Moscow – Riga was found the body of another former participant of the reality show Oksana aplekaeva. According to some, was strangled.