Half of the beneficiaries will not receive medication in 2018

The situation with provision of medicines for Federal exempts is described as heavy money for such medicines is sorely lacking. As stated by a member of the Duma Committee on health protection Chicken Alex, the shortage of drug supply for these groups of citizens will make in 2018, at least 50%.

Chicken Alex spoke at the “Government hour” in the state Duma with participation of the head of the Ministry of health Veronika Skvortsova. He noted that in the regions there is no money for medicine, and called the situation a stalemate. “Roszdravnadzor and Ministry of health continue to delight us with statistics – it’s all good. And patients packs bring unsecured recipes”, – outraged MP.

According to the data, which led Chicken Alex, Federal benefit recipients in 2018 at risk to receive drugs to 40 billion rubles – this is the most optimistic projections. Half of them probably will not get the desired drugs.

To reduce the number of persons provided with preferential drugs, that the auditor of the accounts chamber of Alexander Filipenko. According to its report, in 2016 increased the number of recipes that are on the deferred maintenance. “For nine months the figure exceeded 15 thousand, of which 9.5 thousand have for the Smolensk region”, – said Filippenko.

The growing shortage of drug supply associated with underfunding at the regional level. Now, as said, Chicken, it is about 30 billion rubles. 10 billion of them in the cure of orphan diseases.

The Deputy spoke about the fact that the Ministry of health has the opportunity to receive an objective picture of the regions, but instead created a false picture of prosperity.