Opened a new cause of obesity and hypertension

Scientists from the UK, representing the University of Newcastle, found that the development of obesity and insomnia in humans can result in taking pain medication. The researchers noted that in recent years, doctors fix the growing number of side effects associated with taking these drugs, including violations of night breathing and sleeping.

The use of pain medications, including opioid components, 95 percent increase the risk of obesity by 63 percent the risk of hypertension, the authors found a new investigation. For this reason, doctors stress that pain medication used to combat chronic pain, should be appointed for short periods of time.

This conclusion was made by specialists after they analyzed data collected during a large-scale data collection about 133 thousands of patients-cores in the research project, UK Biobank. Patients are divided into categories: those who took, in addition to heart disease medications, painkillers, and those who took only the remedies for the treatment of the heart. These patients were compared to the indicators of body weight, waist circumference and blood pressure.

Scientists have discovered that taking pain medications people significantly increased the likelihood of obesity and hypertension.

“Of great concern is the fact that contain opiates drugs are prescribed in increasing numbers, and with it grows the number of side effects from your medications. Patients were more likely to be hospitalized from an overdose of painkillers. They have, among other things, violations recorded night breathing, insomnia,” – said the researchers.