People will no longer grow and live longer

The human race reached its peak, as the study showed. It concerns the growth of man, his life expectancy and athletic performance, which in the future will not be significantly increased.

According to scientists, the human race has reached its peak for a number of indicators, and very soon we will be moving in the opposite direction. Experts analyzed information for 120 years and came to the conclusion that today the average person has a peak growth rates, life expectancy and level of sport. In reality, due to human impact on the environment, i.e. climate change, in the future we will never be able to repeat the achieved records. Published in the journal Frontiers in Physiology research was the first that contains the data of such a huge length of time, taking into account both genetic and external parameters of human exposure.

The authors of the Paris Descartes University in France stress that people have reached their biological limits, and to surpass them is simply impossible. This confirms the widespread opinion that all the sports records set at the Olympic games are limit, and set a new one only by using different kinds of doping. Today on the planet lives the first generation of people who can boast of reaching biological limits, and the representatives of the next generations will decrease, not increase.

In other words, our children and grandchildren will live longer, and most likely, their average life expectancy will gradually decline due to the negative impact that man has had on nature. I agree with that and other experts, who emphasize that the world is faced with global challenges like resistance to antibiotics. They will reduce the average duration of human life, as we once again find ourselves powerless to bacterial infections, which even today can be successfully treated with drugs.