Unknown stabbed in the back of the guy the ice pick right on the street

The surgeons removed a 15-centimeter new ice pick from the back of the men. It’s the murder weapon from the movie “Basic instinct” stabbed a poor light and put it on the brink of life and death.

In the famous Hollywood movie “Basic instinct,” which glorified actress Sharon stone, the ice pick was used as a murder weapon. A 27-year-old Rakesh Kumar from the Indian city of Delhi almost lost his life after another man stabbed him with this knife on the street when a young man was walking to the bus stop. The knife pierced his left lung, and when Rakesh was taken to the hospital, he was on the verge of life and death. After surgery for a duration of one hour, which was attended by 17 surgeons, and the whole week in the hospital, the Indian has recovered and was released home. However, he still doesn’t know who and why kicked him in the back.

“The horror is that I with anybody did not swear, did not quarrel and do not fight, and just walked to the bus stop, – says the victim of an attack using bladed weapons. – I have no idea who hit me and why it needed to be done. It was about 8 am, I moved the office to work when he felt a sharp pain in the back. I screamed, and I rushed to the aid of people. Attacked me I didn’t even see. I had the strength to get home, where I fainted and the relatives called an ambulance”.

A punctured lung is a very serious condition which often occurs as a result of injuries or wounds, including the use of bladed weapons, as well as after fractures of the ribs. Then puncture lungs can’t absorb oxygen that can be fatal for the patient. Also in the chest there is accumulation of gas (pneumothorax), and in lung inflammatory processes that interfere with them to be filled with oxygen. Patients in this condition require an extra amount of oxygen, treatment of wounds and emergency surgery.