Cyclonic depression and its difference from the usual seasonal melancholy

Weather forecasts this fall was reminded of a cyclonic depression. With the onset of winter the situation has not changed. Someone else hard to pronounce this name, and someone is already looking for the symptoms. It’s time to learn the truth about this condition.


With the shortening of daylight hours and lack of sunlight, even the most hard-working and dedicated people slow down. Looking at the low sky the color of rain, wrapped in warm scarves, everyone wants to throw things, to pour a Cup of ginger tea and wrapped in a blanket, watching favorite movie or doze off under the soothing rain music. If we had the opportunity to behave in a cold season the way we want, perhaps we would have survived without any disturbances, and depression. But the work and the debt has not been canceled, and they often cause stress number 2. Number one is the weather.

What is cyclonic depression

Cyclonic depression at the mere mention of that makes you want to hibernate, and open your eyes only when swallows fly, in fact, a temporary phenomenon. Unlike its namesake, medical depression, it does not cause mental disorders. This, as experts say, an area of low pressure. However, the mood it spoils fairly, sometimes may be accompanied by increased anxiety, restlessness, irritability, fatigue, insomnia. Psychologists say that most people are predisposed to this condition because of the lack of sun, cold and grey days. Gloomy mood of nature is easily transmitted to man. Experts say that in countries such as the UK, Finland, Norway, the Netherlands, where it is always the residents are experiencing a shortage of the sun, of the Ministry of health develop special programs to combat depression.

How to cope with cyclonic depression?

With the cyclonic depression can be overcome, if you start to accurately follow the simple rules.

1. To respect the sleep and wakefulness, i.e., sleep at least eight hours a day.

This means, go to bed and get up at the same time. Even on weekends and holidays do not linger far into the night, you violate the usual mode of sleep, which is not so easy to restore. If you are able to lie down during the day – sleep no more than 45 minutes. But at night sleep at least eight hours.

2. Fitness, Nordic walking, running— a pledge of good mood and energy.

To get in the gym is necessary because during training stands out serotonin — the hormone of joy.

3. Arrange additional stay.

If you can’t take a few days and radically change the environment, for example, to fly to the ocean and soak up the warm sun, take an extra day off. Make an enjoyable procedure – visit the Spa, make an appointment for a relaxing massage. The important thing here is not to delay the time to relax, otherwise you can fall into even more depressed.

4. Make a new life. Spend in your house is rebranding.

Throw that disheartening. Instead of the lifeless flower arrangements or dried flowers deliver a bouquet of fresh flowers. On chairs and sofas, throw in bright plaids and capes. In the bedroom, hang a picture, radiant light, to Wake up in the morning, just to be positive. Just do not overload yourself and do all the fun.

5. Change the environment.

This must be done in that case, if you are around pessimists, whiners and disaffected people. Collect the cheerful company and spend time in a circle of people happy, a little reckless and passionate and creative.

6. Rethink your diet.

During the cyclonic depression is very useful eating bananas, chocolate and cakes. Good mood give products containing tryptophan (red and black caviar, nuts, seafood, cheese, chicken, eggs) and food rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 (salmon, mackerel, herring).