Drugs in Venezuela now sell at flea markets

On the background of the catastrophic shortage of affordable goods and food in Venezuela appeared the so-called medical flea market. At one counter with the not so fresh fruit and vegetables to consumers offer to purchase antibiotics and contraceptives.

For several years Venezuela is going through a severe economic crisis caused a sharp fall in oil prices, the revenues of which were filling the country’s budget by almost 90%. In the country there is a catastrophic shortage of food and drugs at prices that you can afford the citizens of Venezuela. In the shops trading for currency, these can be purchased, however, the currencies of most of the population there. As a result, in the settlements of Venezuela huge lines for bread, milk, rice, vegetables and fruits, which are brought to the stores to trade at fixed prices. Many citizens of Venezuela were faced with a real hunger.

Against this background of a collapse in the country is developing so-called medical flea market, through which certain medicines can be bought at street stalls. Only if the local pharmacies, which also sell at fixed prices, there is a deficit of approximately 85% range, at flea markets with a few more premium to buy antibiotics, contraceptives and other medicines, which, like storage conditions, cause strong doubts. However, patients Venezuelans are still in need of treatment and to purchase quality drugs for hard currency, they can not, therefore, apply to street sellers.

But how do these sellers take these drugs? The reporters found that the major sources of replenishment of the street bazaars are public clinics that just sell new and expired medicines left. Especially great demand medication to control blood pressure, contraceptives and antibiotics, as well as a variety of equipment, including thermometers, hygiene products and disinfectants.