Useful vegetable oil disappointed doctors

Researchers from the U.S., representing temple University, found that canola oil, considered one of the healthiest vegetable oils in fact can have a negative impact on the human body. Memory loss and weight gain can be a consequence of the use of this product, the researchers found.

Previously it was stated that canola oil helps reduce cholesterol and strengthen the heart muscle. But scientists conducted experiments with mice have shown that a variety of vegetable oils can worsen brain function.

Within six months, the researchers kept mice suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, in the diet, including canola oil. In particular, the rodents received this oil in a quantity equivalent to two teaspoons for a man. In parallel with these animals was observed in mice, also suffering from Alzheimer’s, but fed a normal diet without adding oil.

Subsequent tests on learning ability showed that animals who consumed the canola oil, coped with the task much worse. Although, according to the researchers, the study of the properties of this vegetable oil should be continued further, today they can say about specific nastavenia processes in the brain after consumption.

“Mice fed canola oil had less beta-amyloid 1-40. This decrease was associated with the increase in the level of beta-amyloid 1-42, active formation of amyloid plaques in the brain of rodents and damage to the synapses – connections between neurons,” – said experts.