Created Russo-British Association of young doctors and medical students

Sechenovskiy University took the initiative of establishing a Russian-British Association of young doctors and medical students. This was announced by first Vice-rector of the University Andrey Svistunov at the briefing on 14 December in the ongoing First MSMU n. a. I. M. Sechenov Russian-British forum “Health and life”.

According to him, the Association will become a permanent platform for sharing and professional contacts, development and implementation of joint projects in the field of biomedical research and solution of urgent problems of global health. Initially, the Association will unite at five universities from each side, who already have real-world projects and experience of cooperation.

“Cooperation between our countries, Sechenovskiy University and universities UK had positive experience over the past three years, – said Andrey Svistunov. We actively cooperate and carry out joint activities in the framework of the conferences schools. We understand that it is necessary to remove the barriers as possible to someone seem to have between our countries. Science and education are the areas that should not have borders. We focus on young professionals, researchers. It will not be an administrative decision and the formal signing. Today we will discuss the development of a “roadmap” of the project, and the results will inform at the next joint forum to be held in April 2018.”

As noted by the President of the British medical Association, member of the International expert Council sechenovskiy University John temple, the initiative of creating the Russian-British Association of young doctors and medical students supported the British side, which seeks to develop bilateral cooperation. “In Russia there are a lot of high quality research but, unfortunately, they are not all available to Western scientists. One of the missions of the International expert Council is to assist Russian scientists to convey information to foreign counterparts. This can be expressed in such practical things as co-writing grant applications, articles and, of course, in the area of infrastructure solutions such as the creation of joint labs,” said he.

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