New acupuncture: method of pharmacopuncture

Pharmacopuncture is a next step in the development of the method of the “new acupuncture” (Tang Cham).


What is the pharmacopuncture

Pharmacopuncture is a special technique, the essence of which is the introduction of liquid substances into biologically active points or in certain areas on the body to restore normal functioning of organs and systems. Pharmacopuncture is used in the prevention and treatment of diseases.

Using the method of pharmacopuncture the effect of local stimulation due to its pharmaceutical properties of the drug. At the same time pharmacopuncture acts as acupuncture, as the medicine is injected into biologically active points.

What are the benefits of pharmacopuncture

Thanks to advances in modern science with the help of very fine needles, usually used for acupuncture, doctors can inject the drug exactly in the pathological places in the body of the patient, avoiding the nerves, muscles… In particular, we are talking about the use of pharmacopuncture in the head, eyes, as well as the introduction of the drug into the damaged ligaments of any joint.

Thus, the minimum dose of medicines taken by the method of pharmacopuncture operates as effectively as a normal dose, introduced the classical method of subcutaneous injection.

The successful application of pharmacopuncture is not only dependent on drugs. A huge role is played by the professional level of the doctor who can accurately determine the pathological points on the meridians, their depth and also the degree of damage to those or other bodies to decide what dose to introduce in biologically active points. The dose may vary from 0.5 to 20 ml.

What drugs are used in pharmacopuncture

In the pharmacopuncture commonly used the following drugs:

  • Soluble vitamins C, B12
  • Homeopathic active substances
  • Natural active substances such as Ginko Biloba
  • Cerebrolysin (Cerebrolysin), a product of the brain of a pig


How does pharmacopuncture

With the introduction of the drug ( for example, using the 30G needle), as a rule, the patient noted a feeling of tension, of gravity and locking in the region of operating points.

After the session, the injection can form a bulge (lumps) that] takes place within a few hours.

The therapeutic effects of the method of pharmacopuncture

  • Improves nerve conduction
  • Improves circulation, promotes normal functioning of cell receptors and osmoreceptors
  • The method of pharmacopuncture is often compared to watering trees and clearing stagnant areas.

Depending on the specific disease, pharmacopuncture can be applied in an integrated igloukalivanie, acupressure, manual therapy or techniques of medication inside.

In short, pharmacopuncture is a combination of modern Western medicine and traditional Eastern medicine, which allows to expand the range of therapeutic practices and get even better results.