What modern parents do not like the outdated pediatricians

Everything changes: now to find her parents, who implicitly believe in what they say about their child’s health health workers, is almost impossible. We subscribe to the leading pediatricians in social networks, read current research, know how to Google and know their rights — all this makes us (and our children) unbearable patients in the eyes of the doctors of the old school. We turn also from them not in delight.

The manner of communication

The spectrum of rudeness, which is owned by the paediatricians from clinics of different levels, stunningly varied — from “pointing” to the complete scorn of outraged glances. They hush, call women moms, interrupt, laugh, give advice, not related directly to physical well-being of the child, in short, behave as if not in front of them young parents who need support, but not too successful in their subject students who came to rewrite the test.

Outdated recommendations

As in the Russian clinics daily assigned tests, recognized by the world community of pediatricians diagnostically useless! How many diagnosed illnesses that modern pediatricians have not treated!

How much is assigned useless, not used in Pediatrics that do not meet the safety standards of the drugs!

And “don’t bathe, don’t walk” after vaccination or during simple cold? A strict diet for nursing moms whose kid sprinkled the normal newborn hormonal rash? A false medical exemption from vaccination? Oh!

Love to drugs

Outdated pediatricians like to prescribe medication. Dr. Komarovsky, a well-known master of passive aggression, blames the parents, saying, you yourself begin to fuss when your child does not write, this is what you get!

And antibiotics for no reason, and expectorants are not of age, and antiviral medications that are proven ineffective, and homeopathy.

In this case the purpose of the list of medications the child doctors simply ignored common sense and advice on how to properly organize a life for temperaturesare baby. So, Dr. Komarovsky, your version is not consistent.

Opaque methods of diagnosis

Often young parents do not even understand how the doctor put this or that diagnosis. They do not say anything, do not explain, sometimes not even asking further questions, just write something and give a piece of paper with records which are impossible to disassemble.

Nobody, it seems, not even surprised by the situation when called to the house on duty pediatrician looks mouth of baby, says: “the red Throat, antibiotics!”, and the next day it turns out that the child roseola, about which the parents themselves thought, but decided to consult with a specialist.

Unfortunately, this system of diagnosis is explained not so much by the low qualification of doctors as they have no real interest in the work, the extinction of professional curiosity, unwillingness to read and improve their skills, dotyagivaya them up to date.


Starts, it seems, from the moment when a woman comes to register the pregnancy. And, it seems, will never end. Just born, the child becomes a bargaining chip between the system and a woman who survived one of the greatest shocks of his life — labor.

“You have him lose weight, let’s mix!”, “Yes, your milk will not” “don’t hold it vertically, the neurologist will see will ask you!” “A soda, do not wipe the baby?” it is possible to hear only for the first few weeks of parenthood.

As a parent we experience less and less afraid of such interventions performed by doctors, but trust has no experience.