Cognac and pressure: is there a connection?

Like any strong alcoholic drink, brandy affects the blood vessels and respectively the pressure. That is why one should consume it with caution and in minimum quantities. How to drink this precious beverage so as not to harm your body?

Cognac and pressure: increase or decrease?

Like any other alcoholic drink, brandy in the first half hour provokes vasodilation, then their contraction. The enlargement of the vessels, the lower pressure at the constriction is increasing.

Order brandy has not caused you harm, you need to choose a quality, aged drink. It improves digestion, improves mood, promotes the acceleration of metabolic processes, relaxation and reducing the level of harmful cholesterol.

Sometimes doctors prescribe a drink for the treatment of certain diseases (atherosclerosis, insomnia, digestive problems) in the amount of 1 tablespoon before meals, twice a day. Also cognac can be taken before bedtime or after dinner in the amount of 30 ml.

Cognac raises or lowers blood pressure? As we said above, in the first half hour he lowers it, then expands. Doctors do not recommend to use it for those people who suffer from high blood pressure. However, this applies to other beverages.

The use of cognac at elevated pressure will lead to deterioration of General condition, headache, nausea. In some cases the drink may provoke a stroke. The drink is allowed to consume only with mild hypertension. But in this case also need to stick to the daily dosage not more than 30 ml for women and 50 ml for men.

Observe the reaction!

If pressure problems you encounter rarely, I advise you to observe the reaction of your body. To start, measure the pressure before consumption of the drink, then half an hour after. Dosage drink small — 30 ml. If at the expiration of this time the pressure rose no more than 10%, you can drink cognac in a minimum amount. If the figure exceeds 10%, will have to give up alcohol.

Is it possible to take brandy at elevated pressure? No, doing so is undesirable, as drink will cause deterioration. If it rises slightly, you can enjoy a serving of brandy, but no more. Besides this day can not drink drugs that lower blood pressure, and diuretics.

How to drink cognac at reduced pressure?

Hypotension drink will help to stabilize the pressure level. If it dropped significantly, we recommend you to drink coffee with cognac — just add a Cup of freshly brewed drink 1 tsp. of Brandy, a little sugar. To consume a drink should not regular basis, only in emergency cases.

Who can not use cognac, even in minimal quantity?

This drink is contraindicated in high blood pressure, alcohol dependence, diabetes, gallstones, kidney, liver diseases.

If you became ill after brandy: what to do?

If you have a deteriorated General condition, drink 1-2 glasses of water, take a horizontal position. If within half an hour you did not use any medical help.

Cognac and pressure — is there a connection? Yes, it is. But it’s not just cognac, and other alcoholic beverages. At elevated pressures need to be excluded from the diet or eaten in small quantities and as little as possible.

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