Sea buckthorn oil for hemorrhoids: the application, reviews

Despite the fact that many people are afraid to talk about it, hemorrhoids is one of the most common diseases. The cause of the pain and discomfort is the inflammation of the veins located in the rectum. In the initial stages of disease development will help the pharmacy and folk remedies. One of the most affordable means of hemorrhoids, sea buckthorn oil. It gently eliminates the symptoms and speeds recovery.

The benefits of sea buckthorn oil in hemorrhoids

This natural remedy is sure to be in your home medicine Cabinet, because it can be used to treat many problems. For several decades, sea buckthorn oil is used in the treatment of hemorrhoids. What caused its popularity?

Tool successfully removes inflammation, reduces swelling of blood vessels, reduces pain. The oil promotes the healing of wounds, preventing infection of the body and the formation of cracks.

In the composition of sea buckthorn oil contains b vitamins, vitamin C and E, valuable pectin, fatty acids and minerals (calcium, magnesium). It is important to buy a quality product, which was stored in the right conditions.

Use sea buckthorn oil for hemorrhoids:

  • Helps eliminate bleeding;
  • Prevents the formation of cracks, heals;
  • Reduces swelling veins;
  • Relieves pain, discomfort;
  • Prevents the formation of new nodes.

With regular and proper use of sea buckthorn oil you will notice an improvement within 2-3 days. Instead of butter you can use candles.

Sea buckthorn oil: contraindications

Not everyone can use the tool. It can not be used with diarrhea, pancreatitis, Allergy to sea buckthorn, cholecystitis, gallstones.

Sea buckthorn oil for hemorrhoids: the application of

There are several recipes I use, depending on the type of disease. If it is external hemorrhoids are advised to do medical compresses. If the inner — to introduce suppositories, do enemas, or tampons.

Helpful hint: as the oil leaves a greasy residue on linen, be sure to use gaskets. Alas, but it turned out that it is almost impossible.

Very useful to take the product inside, just 2-3 tablespoons a day 1 tablespoon 15 minutes before the main meal.

How to make a healing poultice: pdegrate 2-3 tablespoons of oil until warm. Fold the cheesecloth several times, then soak it with oil, squeeze out the excess. Apply to affected area, secure with a band-aid. Leave overnight.

Medical ointment: mix 2 tablespoons honey, 2 teaspoons of sea buckthorn oil, 2 tablespoons of animal fat. Mix stored in the refrigerator. Apply massage to the inflamed area overnight.

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To treat internal hemorrhoids before the procedure, make sure you clean the rectum with an enema.

Tampons: you need to make a small swab using cotton wool and gauze. Don’t forget to also leave a long piece of gauze, to avoid problems with removing the tampon. Soak it with oil and insert into the passage. Leave on for 1-2 hours. After the procedure it is recommended to keep a horizontal position about 30-40 minutes.

Douching. Type in pear to enemas in 25 ml of oil, enter it as deeply as possible into the rectum. To perform the procedure in the supine position. After the introduction, continue to lie still for half an hour.

Candles from hemorrhoids with sea buckthorn oil: application

You can change the oil in sea buckthorn candles, they are sold in any drugstore. They can be used even during pregnancy, feeding. They are comfortable to use and have an affordable price. Before the introduction of make a cleansing enema, take a shower.

The duration of treatment is two weeks. Enter candles rectally twice a day — morning and before bedtime. Save horizontal position for half an hour. The course may be repeated once in a month.

Remember that sea buckthorn candles will help only in the early stages of development of hemorrhoids. If you have an surgery, this tool will not help and need more drastic measures.

Sea buckthorn oil for hemorrhoids: reviews

Artem: “for several years suffer from hemorrhoids, tried purchase ointments and suppositories, but they didn’t really remove the pain and inflammation. On one of the forums advised me the spark from sea buckthorn, decided to try it. Noticed results the same day. Now hemorrhoids very rarely bothers me”.

Irina: “I have internal hemorrhoids after childbirth was very painful. The doctor advised to do an enema with the oil. Certainly not the most pleasant procedure, but to me it really helped, I recovered really quickly.

Mary: “because Of office work have much to sit. The doctor diagnosed it as “internal hemorrhoids”, I was very upset. Ill start lubricate oil twice a day, after a couple of days felt better. At the end of the course the inflammation is gone”.

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