An insurmountable obstacle

Something like in the header, positioning the condom people in the know. And it really is an almost insurmountable barrier to sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. It would seem he is our best friend. That is why only a at the first opportunity and try to eliminate it from the list of really necessary things?

It’s not a classic anecdotal excuses like “swimming in boots” and “smell roses in a gas mask”, it’s in inexorable statistics: more than 90% of men associate their first sexual problems with the use of a condom, and among men, complaining of doctors on erectile dysfunction, its “incompatibility” with condoms indicate almost one hundred percent of the respondents. But even among representatives of a strong half of mankind who consider themselves completely healthy in a sexual context, a quarter complained about a loss of erection when putting on a condom (data obtained at the University of Chicago surveyed about two hundred and fifty men).

If you have problems with erection or sexual desire in General, the first recommendation, medical examination, as the cause can be a variety of diseases and health problems. However, some men have problems arise, they claim, only when you try to put on a condom. If in other situations there are no problems, the reason is psychological perception exclusively.

Above the waist

The question really is in the area, which is much above the belt in the head. Loss of erection when putting on a condom is a much more common problem than people think. One explanation is that people switched from strong emotions and arousal associated with sex, more rational thoughts on the safety and health threat. Condoms can cause discomfort because many of them are directly associated with sexual infections and diseases, such reminder can lead to erection problems, because our main erotic organ is the brain, which cannot simultaneously anticipate sexual pleasure and a panic rush, “Doctor, I’m ill!!!”

After this happens the first time, many men begin to experience disturbing that once again lose erection when using a condom, and this anxiety actually leads to erection problems. Often this causes a stable and categorical rejection of the use of condoms. Fear and shame of losing an erection overpowers the risks associated with unprotected sex. Some may even mistakenly believe their problem is a symptom of impotence and carefully concealed from her partners, inventing excuses for refusing protection with a condom.

“Treat” the head

To this situation there are several different approaches. It is important to remember that sex with a condom is not instinct – it’s a skill that only comes with time. In this case, the best Masturbation in a condom. A similar process of gradual habituation to the condom may take some time, require patience and relaxation skills. It is recommended to provide sex in a condom with your partner.

Another approach is the use of a condom during sexual foreplay, instead of distracted by it, breaking the contact. It is recommended that the second partner put on a condom during foreplay, and then the prelude is better for some time to continue without going directly to sex. If erection disappears, you need to throw away the condom, try to relax and continue petting may then try again. It is important to remember that in addition to the penetration there are many ways to Express their sexuality. The more a man thinks about how to demonstrate that steeper it only the Victoria falls, the greater the risk that excessive anxiety will lead to loss of erection.

Choose correctly

But besides the psychological component, there are very real reasons why the use of properly selected condom can lead to persistent disturbances of potency. The pharmacist can advise us cough, headache and bites from mosquitoes, but, for obvious reasons, will not help to pick the right size and texture of the condom. Meanwhile, the wrong choice can lead to trouble.

Here is a small list of examples.

  • If the condom is too tight, it will block the flow of blood at the base that almost guarantee they will lead to loss of erection.
  • If the condom is too tight, the lack of stimulation can lead to the same results as in the previous paragraph.
  • Some condoms contain anesthetic, meaning that you want to extend the pleasure of the partner. Sometimes the anesthetic triggered “abundantly.”
  • And in General: saying that the choice of condom the man should get much more serious than the choice of tie.

    Very good point. An unfortunate choice of tie is unlikely to be fraught with reduced potency. Except that, the tie will be brown green butterfly, and bad sex will be associated with the laughter of your partner long before the transition in the horizontal plane. But that’s another story.