What is the energy and care about her?

For our Western mind talking about energy not so much difficult as unusual. In our vocabulary is equivalent to the concept of energy.

What is the concern about energy? First of all, this concern starts with a good night’s sleep. This is evidenced by the proverb and your and my experience. Using the MTO throughout the night, every day life – allows nervous system to fully recover lost per day factors: ions and magnetic field. The thermal effect improves blood flow and provides the nervous system with nutrients for recovery.

The second task of caring for his energy is the timely removal of stagnation in the muscles and organs. I would like to remind that the use of MTO in the mode of cauterization in the evening allows you to save legs, muscles, spine and neck from daily accrued stagnation in them. Short modes of cauterization with MTO 15-20 minutes eliminate stagnation of blood and energy in the neck muscles, spine, joints and feet. The third objective in mind energy is the stimulation of active points on the plantar surface of the feet and Palmar surface of the hands. Surely, You are faced with pictures of feet and hands, which shows the different zones that correspond to a specific organ or system. On the plantar surface of the feet and palm of the hands on one centimeter of skin is 10 to 15 times more nerve endings than other areas. Through these areas the body is able to self-adjust. It also teaches about the science of acupuncture and acupressure in the East. I do not propose to study acupuncture and acupressure, as this would require 10-15 years of life, and offer a “Western style” to use impact on biological active points of palms and feet with the help of MTO.

Two goals of the impact on biologically active points of the Palmar and plantar surfaces: to stimulate and harmonize the internal organs, and perform self-diagnosis.

Using moxibustion on MTO for plantar and Palmar surfaces in the morning and evening for 10 to 15 minutes, you can harmonise all organs and systems of the body, and will be able to perform light-diagnosis of the state bodies. If you notice during burning particularly discomfort in this area, you can additionally treat it by cauterization. It should be understood that the authority in this area sends a pulse of energy about your painful condition. In itself, the burning brand has no restrictions and can be used at any age and any condition.

This article is about the energy addressed to the most healthy or conditionally healthy people. This category of people is not common. But even for them, the use of MTO at night to restore the nervous system, used moxibustion to eliminate congestion in the muscles and the use of moxibustion of biologically active points of feet and palms helps to increase the energy potential of an organism, prolonging life and of working age.