What is menopause: symptoms, diagnosis, comorbidities

The life of the human body is limited, especially in the context of the ability to reproduction: in a woman’s body since childhood is laid a fixed number of eggs, the consumption of which comes the menopause.


While the male sperm reserves are unlimited, but their quality deteriorates with age, seriously hindering conception. In other words, contrary to popular belief that menopause is a “women’s business”, in fact, know what the climax will both sexes. Except that familiarity with the extinction of the reproductive function in ladies and gentlemen will be different, as the symptoms of menopause.

When it comes to the menopause in women, they completely lose the ability to bear children, while menopause in men, which is more properly called andropause, brings to a decrease of testosterone, the fall of fertility, but not fertility relieves. Male menopause, more gentle in its manifestation, while many representatives of the stronger sex, not ready for his manifestation, he could be a big surprise.

Female menopause and menopause: what you need to know?

Despite the fact that menopause in women is often associated with the cessation of menstruation, in fact, the menopause starts much earlier – a few years before this moment. Women who are not familiar with the question, how is the menopause, are often surprised by this fact. However, nothing strange in this: the ovaries have ceased to function, they require about 6 years, and this cycle includes three basic phases:

1. The premenopausal women (average age of women is 45 years) characterized by increasing intervals between menstruation, the manifestation of their subpar.

2. Menopause (age around 50 years) manifests itself in a complete cessation of menstruation, occurrence of tides, and often related diseases.

3. Postmenopausal (lasts until end of life) is characterized by the fact that all the menopausal symptoms go away.

Uniform rules as the beginning menopause does not exist. Very often women have different menopause, the signs of which it can fix, how long before the cessation of menses, and during this period. Nevertheless, almost always menopause symptoms generates the same:

  • emotional instability, irritability, depression;
  • the appearance of weakness, shortness of breath, decreased performance;
  • the effect of fragility of the bones;
  • hot flashes at menopause, the sharp increase in body temperature, disseminated from the top down and accompanied by sweating;
  • the disappearance of appetite, nausea up to vomiting;
  • sleep disturbance, mostly insomnia;
  • the effect of dryness of the mucous membranes and the skin;
  • the increase in body mass, change shape;
  • decreased libido, occurrence of pain during sex;
  • change in menstrual cycle (periods during menopause first become less abundant and irregular, and then disappear altogether).

When to go to the doctor?

The first signs of menopause may occur headaches, pressure jumps, problems with heart rhythm. The most striking manifestations that can result from menopause symptoms of hot flashes, problems with skin, hair, fingernails, lack of calcium in the body. The main symptoms during menopause, especially hot flashes in women, should serve as a signal to go to a gynecologist for further diagnosis of menopause and plan of action aimed at neutralizing potential consequences.

To confirm menopause, you may need to do an ultrasound to take Cytology to undergo osteodensitometry, and to sign up for the tests (the level of inhibin a, FSH, estradiol, testosterone, ratio of LH/FSH and estradiol/estrone). Hormones during menopause are one of the clearest indicators of the changes occurring in the body.


How menopause affects a woman’s life

Menopause produces symptoms, usually multiple and very strongly affect the daily life of a woman. Often changes in behavior, mood, character, deteriorate relationships with others. Loved ones need in these times to provide strong support for the woman to enter her position, to try to facilitate to it transition to a new phase of life.

Diseases associated with Climacus

Menopause also often accompanied by a number of specific diseases associated with the fact that the body stopped producing estrogen, has lost part of its functionality. It is, in particular,

  • about atherosclerosis,
  • violation of metabolism,
  • atrophy of the vaginal mucosa,
  • hypertension,
  • problems with the urinary system
  • osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease.

As a rule, these diseases come after finished the menopause, the signs of fading of reproductive function left (ie, postmenopausal women). In case of any symptoms of these diseases should be treated by specialized professionals.

Early menopause: what is it?

Some women suffer from signs of menopause very early – before they reach 45, and even 40 years. In the first case we are talking about an early form of the phenomenon, while the second is premature. Cessation of menstruation, mood swings, hot flashes during menopause both types are characterized by the same intensity as when menopause standard type.

Early menopause is a manifestation of failures in the body. It can be caused by either natural causes (premature ovarian insufficiency, genetic predisposition) and artificial (surgical menopause, birth complications, infectious diseases). Menopause symptoms can be provoked by way of a woman’s life.

Early menopause before the age of 40 years especially helpful:

  • addiction to alcohol,
  • poor diet,
  • large number of stress in women’s life
  • Smoking,
  • the tendency to depression.

Fortunately, in today’s world there are a number of ways to postpone the menopause, hot flashes, cessation of menstruation, and the like symptoms. First and foremost, it is a healthy lifestyle (healthy food, physical education and sport, absence of bad habits), and a second treatment with medication, hormonal medications and traditional medicine.

Is there any treatment of menopause?

Women who have recorded climacteric syndrome or menopause, the symptoms of which for some time violate the usual course of their lives, it is reasonable to wonder whether it is possible to reduce the adverse manifestations of this new state.

Modern science known methods for the relief of some of the key symptoms: drug exposure to psihoterapevticheskie intervention, however, expect them to miracle is if the woman was past menopause, her treatment is not possible, as the process physically irreversible.

In order to minimize the symptoms of menopause in women (and in some cases delay the onset of unpleasant stage), you can use these methods:

  • Hormone replacement therapy – the first thing that is prescribed for severe such a process, like menopause, treatment which is extremely popular patient. Prescribed by the gynecologist in this case medications that contain synthetic analogs of the hormone estrogen and provide the woman a smooth transition from reproductive age to compensate for her missing body elements.
  • Medications aimed at controlling symptoms. Their task is to rid the woman from insomnia, to reduce autonomic disorders, stabilize nervous system, improve health and mood. Usually such tools are written entire courses, however, the use of medication during menopause should be carefully listening to the reactions of the organism to drugs.
  • Vitamin complexes Supplement the body caught in a stressful situation, a sufficient quantity of minerals and vitamins, increasing its resistance to adverse environmental factors and harmonizing its key internal processes.
  • Nutritional supplements, homeopathic remedies, developing on the basis of phytohormones – natural substituents of estrogen will help to correct especially striking manifestations of menopause will allow women to gradually move into a new life with minimal health risks.
  • Folk remedies (tinctures, herbal teas, juices) have a high degree of safety, versatility and good effect. The focus should be on such gifts of nature, like sage, oregano, alfalfa, flowers, peony, hawthorn, Royal jelly, soy, hops, red clover, licorice root, upland uterus and others.
  • Diet and proper nutrition, based on unheated food, plenty of vegetables, fruits, fish, dairy, lots of water, minimize coffee and alcohol, eating soy will help to stabilize the body, will give him the strength to deal with their own manifestations of menopause.
  • Psychotherapeutic correction is an effective way for women to stop fear of what is happening with the body, to find the strength to fight the manifestations of menopause, to get rid of anxiety, insomnia, and feelings.

When the fair sex appears a suspicion that she has menopause, treatment in any case should not choose without a doctor. Only an experienced specialist, who knows all about menopause, may suggest the most effective methods of muting the age imbalance in the body.