Called an unusual cause of excess weight

Those extra pounds are the result of overeating, consumption of excess calories, say experts in nutrition. Scientists from Ohio state University came to the conclusion that overeating causes a person artificial lighting.

The longer the body is under artificial lighting, the higher the probability of overeating – this pattern is confirmed by experiments on mice. The animals were divided into two groups: one for a long time was in the dark, in the other rodents spent a lot of time under artificial light. When an animal was offered food, those rodents who were under lighting, eat much more than others.

Scientists are not the first to witness the negative impact of artificial lighting on the body. Summer, scientists from Harvard University have voiced the view that street lighting can cause cancer. Researchers, in particular, stated that a large number of sources of artificial street lights around homes increases the risk of breast cancer living women.

In addition, previous experiments with mice have shown that artificial lighting activates biological process aging – for example, worsens the condition of the bones and muscles, and increases the likelihood of inflammation.