The German government continues to reject the possibility of legalizing marijuana

The pressure of the liberal populists meets resistance from the ruling party.

Tempted to get the votes of the populists liberals pursuing any conservative policy. However, the current German government is not ready to achieve the propensity of a certain group of voters at any cost. Therefore, at the request of the faction of Free democratic party in the Bundestag , the government again rejected the idea of legalization and permit to free circulation of the products of hemp.

The justification to the answer of the Federal government prepared by the Ministry of health, Germany (BMG). Its officials are concerned about the security issues of citizens ‘ health. The harm from the abuse of hemp products have sufficient scientific evidence. Too many people who try marijuana become addicted is well known and constantly confirmed by new research. Therefore, the prohibition of free circulation of the products of hemp and the limitation of their application is only for the benefit of society.

Germany has made two attempts to arrange a controlled distribution of cannabis products in the framework of model projects that have been initiated by the city district of Berlin Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg and the city of Münster. However, the experts who staff the Federal Institute for drugs and medical products provided there is a violation of the law on narcotic drugs, and the projects were destined to be realized.