What is “dress according to age” and whether to do it? Says Alina Farkash

“Maturity is reached after thirty, after forty to old age, for which only decay, pain, grandchildren, giving and forgetting,” teach us experienced style guru. Whether or not to remove the fun shoes and buy the solid stuff? And if so, when?

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Что такое «одеваться по возрасту» и стоит ли это делать? Рассуждает Алина Фаркаш

The world is filled with numerous articles about how to dress women “after thirty”, “forty”, “fifty”… no, about the “after fifty” of these articles is not because the gloss does not happen that age. Maturity there comes after thirty, after forty to old age, for which only decay, pain, grandchildren, cottage and oblivion.

So, thirty years of “women” I suggest you stop young and face maturity. In the list will necessarily be referred to “classic”, “eternal values”, “Chanel said,” “look expensive”, “silk scarf”, “can not afford”, “high quality stuff”, “mid knee” etc., alluding to the fact that faded long ago chrysanthemums in the garden. Time to stop dicking around and start becoming a grown woman.

The question is that now it is difficult to distinguish the citizen from the twenty year old. The world has changed, the youth of the modern woman lasts much longer than the youth of her mother, grandparents and especially great-grandmother. On how old you look, biological age has much less influence than lifestyle, genetics, exercise and fun nuthead. consciousness.

Attempts to push women aceeca seem strange and artificial. When a friend with a disembodied figure of a forest nymph and feet Naomi Campbell says he doesn’t dare to wear shorts — she’s thirty! When cool, the art Director is waving his foot in CEDICE (figure manga special edition for Japan — how she got them, God only knows) and sad sigh, I guess she did not age. Perhaps it’s time to dress more serious… And expensive silk scarves worn around the neck, not to pass pelicci torn jeans instead of a belt.

I know the wise 23-year-old mother of six children (among them are twins) and 24-year-old Director PR-services of a huge Corporation. My friend of thirty-eight years wondering whether it is ready to give birth to her first child recently, she first married on huge love, but the desire of her husband as soon as possible to have children was somewhat unexpected. She’d rather have a few years to spend just the two of us. 40-year-old friend comes to study to be a midwife — she always dreamed about, but dared not admit it to my parents. 35-year-old friend is now struggling to prepare for exams at the art Institute: she just has an incredible talent for drawing, she has several years of experience in privately and decided to receive formal education.

What this has to do with fashion? And the fact that no twenty-year-old Director, nor the forty-year student in General did apparently does not stand out against their colleagues and classmates. All this “peaceful classics for a Mature age” — amazing stuff, ageism and speculation on women’s fears. Not to give them complicated: I remember the second time married thirty years and hesitated to buy a magnificent wedding dress which I really wanted. Chose a very relaxed and, of course, without any veils. And now with great sadness I look at friends and celebrities who are married in the most that neither is printsessovy wedding dresses. Regardless of biological age.

I think not just now became popular a collection of photos of beautiful, crazy and fashionable ladies in improbable outfits. They like the promise of a new life, a breath of fresh air, as shocking in General the idea that after forty most of us will average forty years of active and eventful life. During which you will wear crazy sneakers and classic pumps, short skirts and linen robes, tie a silk scarf disheveled hair to not interfere with surfing, or wear it under a classic trench. In these next forty years will be to marry, have a child or two, babysit grandchildren, to study, to discover new talent, to run her first marathon to change the country, work, and the color of the walls in the apartment.

There is no particular fashion for thirty or forty years. There are just a beautiful clothes, and some are not. There are different shapes, different goals, different situations. Sometimes, when I want to be a strict professional, and sometimes — fatal seductress. But it’s hard to imagine the age at which a woman will suddenly become contraindicated jeans, fun sneakers or sunglasses for the most stupid forms.