Why there is a syndrome of vacationer?

Every fifth suffers from free time – survey data.

Many people, especially the so-called workaholics, the holiday period or long weekend observed syndrome vacationer sharp decline in immunity that is accompanied by colds and other diseases. However, the real cause of this disease is not the vacation itself, but the preceding high stress levels.

The staff of the International graduate school bad Honnef – Bonn (Germany) conducted an online survey with nearly 2000 participants, which showed that among the Germans, 22% have already suffered from the syndrome vacationer. The most frequent symptoms were flu-like infection, fever, also reported fatigue, nausea and even myocardial infarction.

Experts explain the development of the syndrome of a holiday-maker or “sickness-free time” of tension of the immune system in times of stress especially in people presenting to his too high demands. However, by reducing mental stress, the body gives yourself to relax: the number of immune cells drops, the person easily becomes a victim of pathogens.