Discovered the most important function of the element selenium in the body

In the absence of selenium, the nervous system collapses and the body becomes unsustainable.

Long been known that selenium is vital for the body, however, scientists did not know what processes it is involved. A group of scientists from the Institute of evolutionary genetics at the Center of them. Helmholtz in Munich found out that this element protects the nerve cells of the brain from destruction due to oxidative stress. Details about the study reported in the journal Cell.

Scientists have studied the role of the enzyme GPX4 in ferrophase – a form of cell death. The composition of this enzyme presents selenium in the form of amino acids of selenocysteine. Substitution of selenium in GPX4 related gray laboratory mouse was able to live up to three weeks due to neurological complications occurred.

More detailed studies showed that in the absence of the contained selenium enzyme GPX4 in brain lacked certain nerve cells that have died as a result of ferropasa. It is called a strong oxidative stress. Thus, selenium has proved to be indispensable for developing a type of nerve cells in the postnatal period.